Welcome to My Way Support

Our mission as a newly developed organisation is to provide a truly bespoke, 100% person centred support service designed and led by the individual, changing the way traditional support is provided and empowering people to take full responsibility for their money, their support and their lives.

Our people are experienced in working alongside people with physical disabilities, intellectual and learning difficulties, sensory needs, autism and mental ill health.

My Way Support CIC is being developed specifically around those people who will find it difficult to successfully “fit” into existing support services and models because they are individuals and their needs are best met by working alongside them to develop something new.

My Way Support CIC is a community interest company because its vision is that of providing a benefit to the community not a “profit” for shareholders.

People want care and support at times and in ways that suit them. Local people helping other local people is good for everyone and for communities. Very small organisations can offer great care and be imaginative and responsive.

Small Good Stuff – Community Catalysts

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