Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT) is any item, piece of equipment or software that is used to increase, maintain, or improve a person’s ability to perform daily tasks or to communicate, learn and live independent, fulfilling and productive lives.

It can be any device, software, or equipment that helps people work around their challenges, while also playing to their strengths. It is designed to help you learn, communicate and function better.

Areas that technology can support

  • Epilepsy – watch alarms and sensor mats
  • Falls prevention – emergency alarms for people at risk of falling
  • Forgetfulness – sensors, diaries and alarms to help remembering
  • Hearing – visual alarms in the home connected to fire alarms, telephones and doorbells
  • Physical frailty – connected home help at the touch of a button
  • Sight – talking clocks and reminders
  • Learning disability – personalised interactive devices to assist the person to be more independent or to communicate
  • Autism – alternative or augmentive communication systems, noise cancelling headphones, VR headsets

For more information and examples of Assistive Technology or Technology Enabled Care please see here.

My Way has a commitment to the people we support to find ways to improve their quality of life and reduce the reliance on paid support, when other forms of support may enable a person to be more independent and valued in their community.

Our staff will be expected to keep up to date with the types of Assistive Technology (AT) available that may be of use to the person they support. 

When we are supporting people we will always be thinking of how we can enable them to do things for themselves without relying on paid support so it is important when planning and reviewing people’s Plans &/or Working Policies to consider the use of Assistive Technology before considering paid support.

Wherever possible it is more effective to automate manual activities as much as possible to leave more time for developing new skills.

Millbrook Healthcare is the provider of technology enabled care and support (TECS) for Devon County Council as part of the Devon Independent Living Integrated Service (DILIS) contract. To find out more Click Here.

Disabled man talking on a smart phone.

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