Our aims and objectives


  • That we start with the person and develop support alongside them according to their wishes, hopes and dreams. That we are always focused on outcomes and having a good life;
  • That every person we support is in control of their money and their life. That every person understands their budget (the money that pays for their support) and actively chooses how this money is spent;
  • That we approach providing support differently, we don’t do things the way they have always been done, we don’t just “talk the talk” of bespoke support but “walk the walk”;
  • That people are supported by other people who share their interests and what is important to them. That these people are recruited, selected and trained specifically by and for the person they will work alongside;
  • That we empower people with knowledge about their choices and opportunities, give confidence not to need permission to make decisions, to fail without blame and to celebrate success;
  • That everyone in our organisation will “get it” – will believe in our mission, be creative, connected and innovative, understand what person centred really means, what tools are available, understand budgets and work alongside people and circles of support in an engaged way;
  • That everyone involved in the organisation is encouraged to challenge and advocacy is available for all;
  • That we are viewed as “cutting edge” – always curious and looking for new ways of working.


  • That each person we support will have a “live” PATH and person centred support plan in a format that they can understand and contribute to;
  • That each person understands their budget and has control of their money;
  • That support plans have embedded in them the keys to citizenship;
  • That teams are fully trained and understand the person and what works for them;
  • That people are supported to find somewhere suitable to live – their own home;
  • That quality is judged by what is working and not working from the persons perspective;
  • That we are trusted and valued partners of local authorities, families and people we support;
  • That we are a local influencer of change;
  • That we will have fully accessible information and communication;
  • That we will be CQC registered and fully compliant.

If you want to find out more see Our Support or Contact Us.

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