Our history

My Way Support CIC is a newly developed organisation which intends to provide a truly bespoke, 100% person centred support service designed and led by the individual, changing the way traditional support is provided and empowering people to take full responsibility for their money, their support and their lives.

My Way Support CIC commenced trading on 01/10/2020 and is registered with CQC (Care Quality Commission) for regulated personal care (CQC Provider Number 1-9598118833).

Currently, My Way Support CIC is offering individual and group bespoke support, both regulated and unregulated in the persons own home or in the community.

Our staff are experienced in working alongside people with physical disabilities, intellectual and learning difficulties, sensory needs, ASD and mental ill health.

My Way Support CIC is being developed specifically around those people who may find it difficult to successfully “fit” into existing support services and models because they are individuals and their needs are best met by working alongside them to develop something new. My Way Support CIC is a community interest company because its vision is that of providing a benefit to the community not a “profit” for shareholders.

Starting with a PATH and involving professionals and all members of the persons circle of support means that all plans are designed and developed from the persons hopes and dreams but then translated into what is positive and possible within eligibility criteria and financial constraints. It means that plans are then achievable and can be broken down into small steps on a journey. Our staff will be trained in this approach and how best to work alongside people to make this happen.

We believe that having control of the money that pays for their support gives people control over how that support is designed and delivered and provides for greater accountability between the person and the individual / organisation that supports them. Therefore, we wish to encourage and enable people to first understand what their eligible needs are, secondly to understand the budget that is allocated to meet those needs and how this can be spent, thirdly to encourage people to take more control over their budget through Individual Service Funds or Direct Payment and then finally using their PATH, the Support Planning process, SMART plans and support planning tools such as 247 grid, to enable people to decide how their budget should be spent to achieve their desired outcomes. The aim would be to increase active citizenship in local communities and more widely and to reduce reliance on paid support and paid relationships.

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