Working with families

Circles of Support

Many family carers at times feel isolated and worried about who will fight their relative’s corner if they are unable to do so.  It can also be a worry who will be there for your family member in the future when you are unable to.

One solution is to set up a circle of support (also known as circle of friends) around your relative. A circle of support is a group of people who meet together regularly to discuss how to help an individual with learning disabilities to accomplish their goals, dreams and aspirations. People in circles are usually friends and family but professionals can be invited to join as and when needed.

My Way can help you and your relative to set up a Circle of Support and even provide a trained facilitator if you wish.

Person Centred Support Planning

Starting with a PATH and involving professionals and all members of the persons circle of support means that all plans are designed and developed from the persons hopes and dreams but then translated into what is positive and possible within eligibility criteria and financial constraints.  It means that plans are then achievable and can be broken down into small steps on a journey. 

This plan provides information about their life so far, the people who are important to them, and the areas in which they need support.  It also provides the people who support them with guidance to ensure they stay safe, achieve the persons aims and goals and live a full and active life.

Families and professionals will be asked to contribute to the persons support plan reviews for people and in doing so help develop the support for the person they are involved with.

Involvement and Co-production with Families

A parents/carer’s support group is offered to parents, from which we can gain feedback on the quality of support. Families will also be encouraged to be partners with us in discussions and negotiations around contracting and other matters with the Commissioners.

We encourage the person who will be supported and their circle of support to choose who is going to support them by creating the advert and job description and to take recruitment decisions either formally or informally e.g. as part of a meet and greet.

People and others involved with the person, such as their circle of support are also encouraged to raise any concerns.  This can be done through the Complaints and Compliments Policy, direct to any member of staff or outside organisation and via our emergency on call system.

We know that we learn best, and are able to change behaviours and situations with better outcomes if people are encouraged to learn from mistakes. We therefore see feedback as a learning experience for all.

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