Working with Young People

We know that young people today are ambitious about their future and so are their families. This is no different for a young person with additional needs.

We believe in raising the aspirations of young people with learning disabilities, their families and teaching staff to focus on having a good and meaningful life and active citizenship after leaving school.

These young people tell us they want the same things as everyone else:

  • paid work (including self employment);
  • a place to call their own;
  • good health;
  • independent living (choice and control over your life and support and good
    housing options);
  • community inclusion (friends, relationships and community), and;
  • to be part of the society they live in.

Ultimately young people want to have full lives with choices about their future
and control of their support. To find out more about the Preparing for Adulthood programme, Click Here.

To learn more about the support we can provide to help you reach your full potential then see Our Support or Contact Us.

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