Buying our support

We believe that having control of the money that pays for your support gives you control over how that support is designed and delivered and provides for greater accountability between you and us.  Therefore, we wish to encourage and enable you to:

  • understand what your eligible needs are;
  • understand the budget that is allocated to meet those needs and how this can be spent;
  • encourage you to take more control over your budget through Individual Service Funds or Direct Payments;
  • use your PATH, the Support Planning process, SMART plans and support planning tools such as 247 grid, to enable you to decide how to spend your budget to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Our aim is to help you to reduce the amount of paid support that you need by helping you live as independently as possible with natural support, friends and relationships where you live.

It doesn’t matter if your support is paid for directly by social services, the NHS, self funded or from somewhere else. We can help you to take as much control as possible over this money to meet your needs.

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